Listed below are common social media channels and how each channel can benefit your company in different ways. It’s important to know what type of content and audiences exist on each channel before choosing which ones your company will most benefit from.

Facebook is one of the most complete platforms available for small businesses. It allows you to build your community from the ground up, while promoting your products and even selling them on a competitive marketplace.
Instagram is the place to be if your business thrives on rich imagery. This highly visual platform will allow you to showcase all the aspects related to your brand; be it through images and videos on your feed or with lively stories that your audience can watch on a daily basis.
Does your business have a lot of audiovisual material? Youtube will be a key asset to your brand. Youtube is the perfect place to showcase your videos and can also be used as a hosting service so you can use them on any social media platform you might need.
Twitter started as a microblogging platform, but it suddenly turned into the place to be if you want to strike up a conversation with your audience. A lively Twitter feed can be the perfect testing field to start gathering information about your audience’s needs.
Looking for new talent or just a way to showcase your business’s achievements to your peers? Then LinkedIn is the perfect place to do so!
You might be surprised to know this, but Pinterest is an undervalued resource for most small businesses. Most buyers head over to this social network to find more information on products they’re looking to buy.